Paul Burns Photography

I started my business in August 1987 photographing for the local newspapers in North Wales.

After training for a further three years in the United States, I returned to set up a studio in Clifton, Bristol. Here I used my photography skills as well as spending many hours in my small but well equipped dark room developing films and hand printing photographs.

My reputation as a social photographer spread and in 1994, I began photographing HRH The Prince of Wales as his personal photographer. I was granted my Royal Warrant in January 2000 after 5 full years of service and I'm pleased to say that due to continued service, I am still working for HRH on average twice a week throughout the working year.

Needless to say, as you can see from some of the well known faces, I have been fortunate to work with and photograph many personalities from the past and current day.

My time is now split between London and Bristol, photographing HRH, corporate clients and studio portraiture.

The Studio

The studio is set in the quiet Bristol suburb of Stoke Bishop. It is very informal and we hope you will feel very relaxed.

When you arrive you will be welcomed into the reception area where you can browse through our portfolios and view our gallery. The photographic studio is equipped with the latest 3 dimensional lighting system along with various backgrounds.